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The best way to control your Eventide H9.

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Out of stock. New version incoming with incredible features. Progress status: 97% on 12th July 2021 : EvenMidi Software pending Check the prototype pending

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Control up to 4 Midi devices

Control 1, 2, 3 or 4 Eventide H9 (or any Midi device) at the same time (Live Mode) or switch between devices (Solo Mode). You can set Midi channels for each Midi device. EvenMidi contain Eventide (H9 & Factors) and Strymon (Timeline-Mobius-BigSky) Midi Control Change stocked in memory and easy to call. EvenMidi H9 is oriented to work with Eventide H9 but not only, it's an universal MIDI controller.

Almost plug and play

The configuration is extremely simple and takes less than 2 minutes. Follow the Quick Settings menu in the user manual to configure your devices. The EvenMidi is factory configured to work directly with an Eventide H9.

What's the difference with a 3-button footswitch

FEATURESMomentary 3 footswitches TRSEven Midi H9 Midi Controller
Midi CC (Control Change) OK OK
Midi PC (Program Change) NO OK
Control 4 Eventide H9 separately or at the same time NO OK
Control Strymon, digitech Whammy, any Midi device NO OK
Bank Mode: 9 banks of 3 presets NO OK
Customize 27 presets as you want NO OK
Expression pedal input NO OK
Switch from Looper Mode to Solo Mode (CC) NO OK
Don't need to see/touch Eventide H9 NO OK
Set preset parameters with pots NO OK
Don't need H9 control app to set presets easily  NO OK


You can set 9 differents types of devices targeted :

  • Eventide H9 or TimeFactor (Looper)
  • Eventide PitchFactor, ModFactor or Space (Factors with no Looper feature)
  • Strymon Timeline (Looper)
  • Strymon Mobius
  • Strymon BigSky
  • Generic 01
  • Generic 02
  • Generic 03
  • Generic 04

As you can read Eventide and Strymon are pre-configured to Match with Midi. The Generics are 4 units that you can customize (pots (Control Change), Expression pedal(Pitchbend or Control Change), bypass type (Program Change-Control Change + number) . You can now see how much EvenMidi is powerfull and can control any Midi device such as your amp, your whammy, your AxeFx...

Edit your sound directly

10 pots and 4 soft footswiches for a total control. Adjust and play with your tone live!
No more time on your PC or iPad for tone edition. All parameters are under your eyes and you can play with it. Think about psychedelic delay auto-oscillation for example. In addition to guitarists, this controller is also very appreciate by musicians in electronic music : They love potentiometers!

Solo Mode

EvenMidi Eventide H9 Midi controller Standard mode

The Solo Mode can only control one device at time and you can switch between devices. Scroll through the presets, load them, activate PSW Performance footswitch to freeze a delay or change your rotary speed for example. If you use several Midi devices in Solo Mode, PSW footswitch allows you to switch devices. Very handy.

You can limit the number of preset for example from 1 to 25 instead of 1 to 99

Live Mode

The Live Mode controls all devices at the same time. There are two possibilities to access presets :

  • Instant access to 27 presets (9 banks/3 presets) for a perfect Live experience. Limit the bank number as you need (1 to 9 banks).
  • Access to 99 presets by scrolling as Solo Mode, PSW switch can be set to Tap tempo.  Limit the preset number as you need (1 to 99).

Customize your presets

You can fully edit & save 27 presets. Here is a concrete example of what contains an edited preset :

Preset 1A contains:

  • H9(1) : programChange 2
  • H9(2) : programChange 17
  • Marshall JVM : programChange 21
  • Whammy : programChange 21
  • Potentiometers target H9(2)
  • Expression pedal targets Whammy (CC11)

Customize your devices

You can customize 4 generic devices as you need. Here is a full example.

Generic 1 device specifications:

  • 10 knobs assigned to [CC1-CC10] (control change) | range CC0-99
  • Expression pedal send PitchBend | or range CC0-99
  • Bypass is set to PC0 (program change 0) | or range CC0-99 or off

When you edit your Generic specifications, you can test it directly before storing in order to check your knobs and expression pedal work as you want.

Looper Mode

With Looper Mode, you can direct access/exit and control the whole looper like a factor stompbox and more. The Looper Preset is loaded automatically (press active footswitch 2sec) and you can control all Looper parameters as the TimeFactor pedal. You can switch from one device to another while your loop is playing. The Strymon timeline is already set to access looper. press Stop Footswitch 2sec to exit Looper Mode and back Solo Mode.

Expression pedal

Plug an expression pedal to control a parameter with your foot. Volume, Wha, Pitch, Hotknob...Eventide are target to Pitchbend and Strymon to Control Change needed. You can calibrate your expression pedal in the settings.


Here is Tips and shortcuts to access everything:

  • Scroll through your presets quickly by holding Up or Down footswitch.
  • Put your potentiometers ON or OFF quickly by holding 2 sec. Up & Down footswitches. Very handy when you are on stage.
  • Since Firmware v1.2 access to global settings menu by holding 2 sec. PSW & Down footswitches .
  • Switch from Solo Mode to Live Mode by holding 2 sec. PSW & Active footswitches 2 sec.
  • Switch from Solo Mode to Looper Mode by holding 2 sec. Active(Play) footswitch. Exit by Holding 2 sec. Up (Stop) footswitch.

Midi In/Out Thru

Connect all your Midi devices. For example if you use another Midi controller before the EvenMidi,
you can plug it in the EvenMidi because all Midi messages received (MIDI IN) are THRU (send to MIDI OUT) including Midi Clock. You can also control EvenMidi by sending PC and CC messages (to control Modes, presets...) on its specific Midi channel since 1.4 firmware.


934 people are registered for this product.

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Looking forward to new version

I cannot wait for the new version to get released. Glad you are making these products as I was on the fence between individual pedals due to their separate controls, vs. an H9. But the H9 form factor won me over. This would really be useful!


Effective, Practical, Clever and more :)

I'm a Picky Tone guy... and the H9 Midi Controller is the ultimate weapon gear on my pedalboard. More efficient and fast then the H9 editor in live and studio situation. When it's time to tweak my sound, I say: Thank you EvenMidi for this clever pedal.


From reverb.com

Exactly as described. Quick delivery. Great seller communication.


From Reverb.com

Great controller and recommended to get more use out of your H9!


from Reverb.com

Hi Franck, got the Evenmidi yesterday and it’s been great so far! You’ve done an excellent job intergrating it with the H9. Thanks for your hard work!


Amazing seller and product

I recommend this product to everyone who has at least one H9. It works just great, and it is able to control over four H9! Easy to set up and clear to understand.
Franck, the seller is also a correct business man, his support after purchase is remarkable!


From reverb.com

Without doubt, this is one of the best purchases I’ve made. The unit controls my 4 Eventide H9’s perfectly. It’s is incredibly easy to setup, as a matter of fact, if you give Franck your H9 information he will preprogram the device so all you have to do is change your H9 MIDI channels to 1,2, 3 etc. Saving presets is really easy and you also have the benefit of all the on board tone controls. You can’t beat the cost of the unit. $199 US is a steal for any MIDI unit.



I wanted to write to let you know how satisfied I am with the EvenMidi controller for my H9, it lets me get more use out of the H9 with its preset switching and knobs to tweak.

I was about to buy another fancy effect pedal for myself, but decided on the EvenMidi so I could get more into the H9 max I already have; I am not disappointed.
Thanks again!


From Reverb.com

I love this device


Very nice

Thank you! Very nice controller, easy to set up and very well made. Feels solid. Merci pour le controller, c'est du bon travail!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

A must have tool for H9

I think that this invention is super useful because you can see the pedal like a stompbox with many poxibilities added for your needs.

I have done three live sessions without any problems, thank you again evenmidi!

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

Great build quality

Courier just knocked on the door and handed me an Evenmidi this morning. This gives you some hands on access to the knobs in the H9 as well as controlling the looper. Took 5 minutes to set the MIDI channel on it and then configure a couple of mappings on the H9 and it's all good. Great build quality, well designed and recommended for those of you that want to play with the settings quickly without having to log into your phone

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

Great for my Eventide H9

Great seller and great product! Everyone should have one of these! A++++++

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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H9 Midi Controller

H9 Midi Controller

The best way to control your Eventide H9.