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You can upgrade your EvenMidi H9 with a MiniUSB cable connected to your PC (Windows 7/8/10).

Download and unzip

Firmware version

H9 Midi controller

Change Log

Version with digit display V2

10/04/2018 - V1.4 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-V2-Midi-Controller-V1.4

01/17/2018 - V1.3 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-V2-Midi-Controller-V1.3

12/01/2017 - V1.2 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-V2-Midi-Controller-V1.2

07/20/2017 - V1.1 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-V2-Midi-Controller-V1.1

Version without display

03/04/2017 - V1.0 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-Midi-Controller-V1.0

03/10/2017 - V1.1 - Download and unzip EvenMidi-H9-Midi-Controller-V1.1


20/03/2023 - V2.1 NEW : Compatible With Eventide H90 ! Download and unzip

-PLUS Download and unzip :

With Eventide H90 PC Software, Right click on the following programs (on left column) to import this programs : 

    - Program 50 import WHAMMY.pgm90.

    - Program 51 import SEQUENCER.pgm90.

    - on H90 General MIDI Settings Assign the Momentary Program Active/Bypass(M) to CC8

    - Done

21/07/2021 - V2.0 Standard (compatible with Eventide H9) :

How to Upload the new firmware with a PC

  1. Turn off your device EvenMidi H9 or Pitchy9.
  2. Unscrew the 4/6 screws of the enclosure back to access to electronic components.
  3. Carefully remove the electronic board from pcb (required otherwise the program will not be transferred).
  4. Plug a Mini USB cable, Windows will install the CH340 driver (runs on Windows 7/8/10) or install the driver here.
  5. Install the EvenMidi XLoader software.
  6. Download and unzip the latest version of the EvenMidi firmware.
  7. Launch the software, choose Duemilanove / Nano (ATmega328). Load the .hex (firmware), choose the correct USB port (COM Port can be find in your Device Manager(windows+r+write: devmgmt.msc then ENTER) and check the COM port CH340G in Ports(COM and LPT)).
  8. Upload then wait the update confirmation message.
  9. Your card is up to date, you can remove the USB cable and replace it. The circuit shows which side is the USB port to put it back in the right direction. Do not plug it upside down your card may be damaged