Your rigs and pedalboards

It's always cool to see how people use EvenMidi and other materials of course. If you want to show your rig on this blog (and Instagram/Facebook page) feel free to send us a picture by email or tag us on your pedalboard picture. Guitarists, bassists, eletronic musicians, DJs...

  • Here is the Stijn rig.

    Picture by Stijn - 2017-08-03

    Stjn is a cool DJ and is very happy to control is H9 with EvenMidi

  • A knob lover

    Picture by Roonan - 2017-08-02

    Here is the amazing Roonan rig and as you can see it's very smart & clean and full of knob for a total control.

  • Electronic musician rig

    Picture by David Gardner - 2017-05-12

    A very cool rig with 2 H9 to control.

  • A simple and powerfull pedalboard

    Picture by Haydn - 2017-04-30

    No H9 on the floor, EvenMidi works here with its friend the MC4.

  • Guitar On Stage

    Picture by Aurelien - 2017-03-25

    Ready for using EvenMidi on stage :).

  • The sound lover

    Picture by Muddy Angel - 2017-03-25

    This rig is amazing. Check the caps on footswitches to improve comfort.