EvenMidi® Pitchy

The new Midi controller for your Eventide®H9 and Digitech®Whammy®

EvenMidi Eventide H9 Midi controller Pitchy

21 Whammy®Presets, Expression Pedal, Ricochet & Sequencer

Designed for Eventide®H9, PitchFactor, Digitech®Whammy®4, 5, Bass & DT

Eventide H9 digitech Whammy 4 5 Bass DT Midi controller EvenMidi

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EvenMidi® H9

The best Midi controller for your Eventide® H9

EvenMidi Eventide H9 Midi controller

Take full control of your Eventide® H9 or any midi device with EvenMidi®

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EvenMidi Eventide H9 and factor stompboxesTransform your H9 as a Factor stompbox and
access to all parameters in live with EvenMidi® H9.

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