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Production State 96%

- PCBA : reception planned on 24th August 17 : Received on 08/24/17

- 3d printing enclosure test : reception planned on 30/08/17 : Received on 08/26/17

- Start enclosure production on 01/09/17. Reception planned on November 2017 :  Production launched on  09/04/17- Sample cutted, bent and powdercoated seen on 09/27/17. Screen Printing seen on 09/30/17.  10/14/17 : all the enclosures have been laser cutted, bent (sheet aluminium), and powder coated. Screen printing is Ok. Just waiting delivery. Shipped on 11/06/17->Received on 11/10/17

- User manual: printing pending -> Reception planned on 11/13/17 -> Received on 11/15/17

- Mounting and program transfer


  • Midi controller for Eventide H9/PitchFactor, Digitech Whammy 4, 5, DT & Bass
  • 1 Encoder to access to 21 presets
  • 1 "soft(quiet)" momentary footswitch
  • Midi OUT
  • Expression pedal Input TRS + Calibration
  • Ricochet Mode + Ricochet speed settings up and down
  • Three Mini Sequencer 1/8th notes, 1/12 notes(triplet) and 1/16th notes
  • 8 presets for each Sequencer with tempo saved
  • Sequencer Editor + test + save
  • Tap tempo on encoder switch
  • Use Global tempo or Preset Tempo Mode
  • 2.1mm DC 9V negative center (standard Boss)
  • Screenprinted enclosure
  • Firmware update with miniUSB

Size : 60(l)x 120(w)x 40(h)mm. Power supply not included.

One year warranty. Worldwide shipping.

Notice and Firmware

Version 1 

EvenMidi-Pitchy-User-Manual.pdf (9.60M) 10/31/2017

Update Firmware


Version 1


This little Pitchy is born of succesive ideas :

  • Recall all Whammy presets on Eventide H9 by using only one preset (Pitchflex algorithm)
  • Use it with your expression pedal calibrate as you want
  • Recreate Ricochet effect with footswitch when you don't want to use an expression pedal
  • Make it works with all digitech Whammy and all modes included (classic/chords for WH5/WHBass and Drop Tune for WHDT). Now, you can rack your whammy without losing the cool encoder scrolling sound :)
  • Create a little Sequencer editable with tap tempo

As you can read it's a strong and very versatile tool.


Here are the targeted materials :

  • Eventide H9 or TPitchFactor
  • Digitech Whammy 4
  • Digitech Whammy 5/Bass
  • Digitech Whammy DT

As the digitech Whammy 4 only contains 17 presets, Pitchy recreates the 4 missing presets from Whammy5.

Digitech Whammy plug and play

No big setup for use with Digitech Whammy if you never touch the Midi channels Receive. Plug your Midi cable from Pitchy to Whammy, connect your expression pedal. You may need to calibrate it, then you are ready to use it and have fun.

Eventide H9/Pitchfactor

EvenMidi Eventide H9 Midi controller Standard mode

Pitchy will call an Eventide preset number when engaged. You wil have to set this preset to PitchFlex according to Pitchy notice.  You will need to set Expression pedal to PitchBend. Once the settings achieved you will don't need to touch it anymore.


The Sequencer included is small but very funny to use.

If you're a Pink Floyd fan (On the run - Dark Side of the Moon) or Muse fan (Map of the Problematique - Black Holes and Revelations) you know how cool can be a sequencer. If you don't understand, the Pitchy sequencer will change the Pitch every step. If you play 1 note, you will hear a melody of 8,12 or 16 notes according to your preset choice. You can use it in standard mode on/off with footswitch or Ricochet to only play one time if footswitch is pressed. The switch encoder hide a Tap tempo.

Tips: Each sequence is stored for all devices. It means that the same preset can be playable by Digitech Whammy4/5/DT or EventideH9/Pitchfactor. Pretty cool right ?

Customize your sequences

Sequencer is divided in 3: 8th,12th and 16th notes to cover most music case. You can edit a preset and try it before storing. You may probably spend a little bit of time on it to understand how it works for edition but the result is very fun and inspiring. First we spent hard time to implement portamento/glissando effect between notes: Pitchy is small and already full of settings so we prefered to remove it, and honestly we have so much fun with the sequencer sound without glissando :).

Expression pedal - Ricochet

Pitchy can be used with standard Expression Pedal. You can also replace it by using footswitch in Ricochet Mode. The expression pedal or footswitch in Ricochet Mode is still sending Midi CC when Pitchy is off. That means you don't need to use a specific expression pedal for Pitchy if you already use one for your H9. Plus you can recreate an expression pedal with Ricochet footswitch for all your Eventide presets :).

Midi Out

Connect the Pitchy directly to your Eventide/Digitech Midi In or in your Midi In main Midi controller set to Midi Thru.


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